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A few traditional and a few digital...

I'm not sure when I last uploaded some of my layouts, so here are few...

Andrea & Brent’s wedding
The journaling says: 'Andrea & Brent were married on Labour Monday 2000 in a lovely simple beach ceremony. There were no speeches and Ange didn't walk down the aisle. Eileen Skipp was the bridesmaid and Joe Batterham was the best man. There were about 50-60 guests including Grandma and Uncle Phillip who flew over from Australia to attend. We enjoyed a spit roast dinner and had a choice of fruit cake or chocolate cake afterwards. Continuing the beach theme, the wedding cake was decorated with shells and looked lovely. Interestingly, the day of Andrea and Brent's wedding was also the day I found I was pregant.'
They’re divorced now, so the focus was not on romance, but on the family and the beach theme. I am actually glad I waited to scrap this, rather than doing a lovey dovey one at the time. This is one of my favourite layouts now.
I used real shells and driftwood and unfortunately the shell on the flower crushed when I was scanning it. Not sure how I'm going to store this layout if it's so fragile!

Cherish (digital layout)
The journaling says: ‘This photo of Nanny & Pop was Pop's favourite picture. Taken a few months after their wedding, Pop carried it in his wallet for more than fifty years, hence the tattered state'.
These were my maternal grandparents, Stanley George Bone and Violet Agnes Theakston, photo taken summer 1938.
This is for the Heritage Layout Challenge - grandparents on Scrapbook.com.
All papers, bow and flower are from www.ScrapbookFlair.com.
Cherish title & heritage brad – I don’t remember where I got these from, so can’t credit at the moment.
Ribbon is by Vicky Stegall (www.oscraps.com)

Gulfoss Waterfall (digital layout)
nzmaudlet at Gulfoss Waterfall in Iceland.
Lace by Lisa Carter and all other elements from the 'brisk' kit but I can't seem to find out who created them to give credit.

Dorothy Sandra Bone (digital layout)
I think this is my aunt…
Paper_speckled blue by Marie Stones, glass hearts (x 3) by Marie Stones, lace by Lisa Carter. Not sure who did the 'Beautiful Girl' element.

Sugar Plum Dreams (digital layout)
Caitie at Sue & Jim’s house.
All elements by Marie Stones

Callum’s 3rd birthday (digital layout)
Featuring the cake tressagail made for our nephew’s birthday.
Funtimes plopper by Meryl Bartho

Brother & Sister
jschroder and Caitie in late 2006.

Caitlin at Te Arai
Caitie at the beach at Te Arai - a place of happy childhood memories for me. I wanted to keep it simple so I didn't draw attention away from the photo.

Symphony Under The Stars
This was for the March Imperfect Lives Challenge - 'life goes on' on Scrapbook.com.
Journalling says: "In 1994, I went to the first ever Symphony Under The Stars with my family. Held in the Auckland Domain, with free entry, all we had to take was a picnic dinner and some blankets to sit on. We drove down from Tomarata, picked up KFC in Orewa and had a really fantastic night. The following year, my then-boyfriend, Jason Bridgford, went with us and so did our next-door neighbours, the Hancock family. We went earlier this year to save a better seat. Dad dropped us off at the Auckland Domain and we entertained ourselves until shortly before the concert started when Dad arrived back with dinner....KFC of course.
And so it went on... Every year we went. We all ended up getting folding picnic chairs for Christmas presents over the years, specifically to use at the symphony!! Hancocks were there pretty much every year with us. Dad and Ken always sing along really loudly to Land of Hope and Glory... Sometimes I think Ken goes just to sing that song! Over the years we’ve all learnt the words, and it’s a family favourite now. A touch of our British heritage, I guess.
In 1997 I took my then-boyfriend Cameron Wall. And in 1998 I even performed as part of the Massed Choir, in front of over 200,000 people!! In 2001 I took my fiancé, Steven Schroder. I was about four months pregnant. That year was the first year (and only so far!) that my father hadn’t been able to attend – he was in South Korea. They played the Pearl Fisher’s Duet, one of Dad’s favourites. In 2002 I took my son, Jayden, to his first symphony at age six months. We were living in Thames then, but we still drove back to Auckland especially to attend the symphony. By now the sponsorship had changed and it was called the Skycity Starlight Symphony – but my family has always called it Symphony Under The Stars, and I think we always will.
In 2006, my daughter Caitie joined the family tradition...she was seven months old. Even the cannons from Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture didn’t scare her. In fact, we all love them. That song is definitely one of our favourites, and they play it every year. It’s just about the last song of the night, and they let off the cannons, set off the fantastic fireworks display and do the Mercury Energy Laser Light Show. It’s brilliant. We love the fireworks, we love the cannons and we love the music.
Every year they play a waltz and it’s usually the Blue Danube and everyone dances along, especially Mum and Dad. I do wish they still played Jerusalem... They haven’t played that one the last couple of years. That was another Maud favourite.
It’s 2007 and I’ve attended the free symphony concerts in the Auckland Domain every year without fail since the very first one in 1994. I haven’t missed one yet. This year was the first one that Mum and Lynda missed – Mum was in South Korea and Lynda was in London.
I went when I was 13 years old and single...just starting my second year of high school. I took my first boyfriend in 2005 and my second in 2007. Consider yourselves privileged, boys, to have shared in what has become a very special tradition! This year I went as a wife and mother of two, with my husband Steve and my children, Jayden and Caitie. Life has changed a lot since I was that 13yo girl... There have been good times and bad times in the past fourteen years, but I’m relieved to see that there are some things that stay constant... More than any other day of the year, the day we attend the symphony we’re united, we’re happy and we’re family. I love you guys! I hope I can continue to share the Maud tradition with my children for many years yet."
Birch craft 'Musical Expression' paper

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