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A wee foray in to digital

I was just in the mood to try something different...that didn't take up my whole kitchen table. lol I'll always be a traditional/paper scrapper, but this was fun to experiment with. I might do it every now and then as the mood takes me.
Here is what I came up with:

My sister at Gulfoss Waterfall in Iceland
Lace by Lisa Carter
All other elements from the 'brisk' kit but I can't seem to find out who created them. If you know, please let me know so I can give credit.

This is a picture of my aunt when she was a baby. The original black and white photo was hand coloured (not by me!) and I have used the scanned image.
Paper_speckled blue by Marie Stones
Glass hearts (x 3) by Marie Stones
Lace by Lisa Carter
Not sure who did the 'Beautiful Girl' element - if you know, please let me know so I can credit them.

My sister's cat...
vstegall_daddyo_osoezpg2 from the DaddyO! kit by Victoria Stegall (copyright 2006 oScraps Designs)

My nephew's birthday, with the cake my husband made him in the center...
Funtimes plopper by Meryl Bartho

My daughter Caitie being cheeky as usual...
Suger_stripes paper by Marie Stones
Green_knot by Marie Stones
Maroon_wavey_ribbon by Marie Stones
Blue_wavey_ribbon by Marie Stones
WA_sugar_plum_dreams by Marie Stones
Green_brad by Marie Stones
Paper_floweroverlay by Marie Stones

My sister, back in the early eighties...
Back To School Plopper by Tina Chambers
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