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Steve Irwin

I finally got around to doing a scrapbook page about Steve Irwin. I've been thinking about it for ages, and have had a half-finished paper version lying around for months now. Well, I finally got round to doing it, albeit digitally instead of on paper.
Just thought I'd share.

The journaling says: 'Steve Irwin wasn't your typical celebrity. He was different. Real. Honest. He made a difference. Everything he did was a fight on behalf of those who couldn't speak for themselves. He was brave, courageous and inspiring. Sure, we had a giggle at his 'Crikey, she's a beaut' accent...but we admired the hell out of him. Here's to you, Steve. Long may your legacy live in on in the hearts of all who you inspired.'

The pictures, title and signature are from his website (www.crocodilehunter.com), and no, I didn't have permission to use them. I'm hoping no one will mind, since it's just for my own personal scrapbook.
I started off with a template by Michi (fuchur74.blogspot.com although I made lots of changes to it - still worth acknowledging.
The font is Angelica.
I used Adobe Photoshop.

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