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Tourism NZ

I am participating in a circle journal with a girl in America. We have decided on categories (like sports, holidays/celeberations, food, etc) and I'll do pages about how we do things in New Zealand and she is doing pages about how things are done in the USA. By doing duplicate pages, we should both end up with a book showing all the differences (and similarities) between our two countries.
I saw this article in the NZ Herald and thought it showcased our country quite nicely, so I grabbed two copies of it, then had to figure out how to display it on an 8"x8" page. The article is about international tourism. It rates NZ first for natural beauty and outdoor activities, second for family activities and authenticity of culture and third for safety. If you're interested, Australia was the top 'country brand' (whatever that means) and the USA was second. Egypt had the best architecture, Peru was the most exotic, Canada was the safest and Italy had the best food and nightlife.
The picture is from a Christmas card.
I think if I transferred it to a green card background, instead of the current background, it would look okay. But I'm open to any other suggestions... Let me know if you have any.

Tourism NZ

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